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Please note: prices act as a guide and will be agreed on consultation. Prices may vary among self employed stylists.

Cutting & Styling

Dry CutFrom£18.00
A simple cut with no shampoo or styling
Wet CutFrom£24.00
A cut with shampoo, no blowdrying or styling
Cut & FinishFrom£35.00
A shampoo and cut with blowdry and styling
Finish - Long HairFrom£25.00
A shampoo with blowdry and styling
Shampoo & Set£14.00
Hair is washed and set using rollers and heat.
Hair plaiting.
Hair UpFrom£35.00
Styling for bridal or events. Consultation and trial is required prior to appointment.

Mens Hair

Dry CutFrom£11.00
A cut with no shampoo
Cut & FinishFrom£15.00
A cut with shampoo, blowdry and styling
Mens ColourFrom£20.00
Excludes Cut & Finish
Grey coverage, highlights or full head colour


Full Head Highlights or
Full Head Tint
(1 Colour)
+Cut & Blowdry or
Full Head Highlights£70.00
Half Head Highlights£60.00
Full Head Tint£45.00
Additional Colours£10.00 per colour
Tint Regrowth£30.00
Excludes Cut & Blowdry
Colour covering natural root ends to match previously coloured hair
Mens ColourFrom£20.00
Excludes Cut & Blowdry
Grey coverage, highlights or full head colour
Excludes Cut & Blowdry
A quick service that adds shine and/or tone to your hair colour.
Balyage, Ombre, Eclipting, Artistic StylesConsultation Required
Colour Change or CorrectionConsultation Required


PermingHalf head£30.00
Excludes Cut & Finish
Full Head£40.00
Excludes Cut & Finish
Permanent hair curling using acid or alkaline perm
Botanical Therapy Hair/Pramasana Scalp TreatmentsFrom£10.00
Excludes Cut & Finish
AVEDA treatments to repair and refresh you hair and/or scalp